(California only)

Roma, Murphy & Horowitz offers assistance in the recording and enforcement of Mechanic’s Liens in the State of California.

This is an important feature of our service for the California business community. If you are a business that supplies labor, services, equipment and/or materials for a project on real property, vehicle or vessel, you may be entitled to a lien on the property for the amount owed to you, plus costs.

It is important that you supply us with accurate and concise information, in a timely fashion, to make this work for your company. Accuracy and speed gets you paid!

Let the professionals at Roma, Murphy & Horowitz protect your company’s interests, and ENFORCE your contracts.

Each claim is assigned to a specialist who is familiar with your company's field. With their high-end negotiation skills, they can overcome all stalls and objections making us and of course making you, a priority in their accounts payable department. With the help of private investigator's asset and liability results, we can immediately come to a conclusion on your account and recommend the best and fastest way to satisfy your claim. We will recommend litigation only when we know we will get a writ of execution and execute on any corporate and or personal assets.

We have attorneys who are members of The Commercial Law League of America. This helps us to coordinate international litigation for our clients, resolving our clients claims out of court in 80%-90% of the cases.

Full Asset and Liability Investigation

Private Investigator Visits

Legal Representation

Expert Judgment Collections