Thank You! Two words we don’t say enough. We know when it comes to selecting a collection agency you have a choice. We appreciate you taking the time to consider our service. We are constantly investing in and looking for, new ways to recover past-due accounts faster and smarter than our competition.

The Credit and Collection industry of the new millennium requires the latest tools and special investigative techniques in order to keep you at least one step ahead of increasingly sophisticated debtors.

Today, business owners are more knowledgeable about domestic and international collection laws. Traditional hardcore collection techniques often prove ineffective and can reflect poorly on your company image. Our firm will customize a collection technique exclusively for your needs. Just let us know how you want us to approach your clients or debtors.

Roma, Murphy & Horowitz utilize professional personnel, highly skilled in contract negotiations and investigative techniques. Our staff has a broad range of experience in all types of commercial contracts. They utilize this knowledge to communicate effectively with your customers and overcome their stalls and objections to payment. Simply put, our methods recover more money, in less time, than our competition.

We utilize attorneys affiliated with the Commercial Law League of America. This is a network of attorneys, worldwide, that allows us to coordinate litigation for our clients when necessary. This is an important feature of our service as it streamlines the collection process and allows us to bring EVERY account to a final conclusion. It is worthy to note that the vast majority of claims (over 80%) never make it to trial because of our aggressive negotiating tactics which, of course, saves money!

We contact each claim within 1-2 hours of placement, in most cases (except in the event of a large volume placement). Each month, your company will receive a clear, concise statement of funds collected and we remit on the 20th of the following month. Our rates are always negotiable on large volume placements and balances.

Talk to your Account Executive about rates at the time of placement and remember, if we don’t collect, you don’t pay!

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